Why Selmor


More Offers

2x to 10x more offers generated. Everything’s going to be easy. And measurable

More Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

0x to 20x more cross-sell and up-sell proposals. SELMOR creates contexts to expose them naturally.


Just-in-time feed-back tools, right where you need them. Learn from winners and also from losers. Just learn!

Remuneration and Incentives

Real-time measurement, instant gratification, satisfaction guaranteed

Test and Launch New Products

A/B testing for prototype products and/or distributors

Efficient Operations

Paperless flows, extensive reporting, automated back-office and revenue management

AI Powered Sales

use AI and ML to suggest relevant opportunities

Data Driven Decisions

in any important aspect of distribution – product mix, remuneration

Voice Interface

Sales force assistant via Alexa and Google

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